Additional KPIs for the Trendline project approved

Published on:

During the Trendline General Assembly meeting of the 20th of April, it was decided to analyse and test ten new experimental and complementary KPIs within Trendline.

The indicators are:

  • Driving under the influence of drugs;
  • Share of 30km/h road lane lengths in urban zones;
  • Red-light negations by road users;
  • Compliance with traffic rules at intersections;
  • Helmet wearing of PMD riders;
  • Self-reported risky behaviour;
  • Attitudes towards risky behaviour;
  • Use of lights by cyclists in the dark;
  • Enforcement of traffic regulations;
  • Alternative speeding indicators.

For each of these indicators a methodology will be developed and subsequently data collection and analysis will take place at limited scale in order to test the feasibility and reliability of the method.