SWOV Institute for Road Safety Research from The Netherlands is the coordinator of the Trendline project. The daily project management is undertaken by Wouter Van den Berghe and Agnieszka Stelling.

SWOV is supported in the management and coordination activities by Vias institute (Belgium), NTUA (Greece) and CDV (Czech Republic). The Trendline Coordination Team (TCT) includes representatives of SWOV, NTUA, VIAS and CDV.

The role of the Technical Committee (TC) is to ensure relevance, rigour and consistency of the methodologies developed and used within Trendline. The Technical Committee consists of het following persons: Peter Silverans (VIAS - chair), Agnieszka Stelling (SWOV), Frits Bijleveld (SWOV), George Yannis (NTUA), Jan Elgner (CDV), Katerina Folla (NTUA), Sofie Boets (VIAS), Veronika Valentova (CDV), Wouter Van den Berghe (SWOV).

The General Assembly (GA) consists of representatives of all the participating countries; the observers can also attend the GA meetings. The GA monitors the overall progress of the Trendline project, discusses and decides on all strategic issues, and approves the recommendations emerging from the project.